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46 Miles paved multi-use



Outdoor Travels Rating:

3 bikes out of 5

Thumbs Up and Down

Thumbs up:

  • SCENERY! WST mixes woods, river, small towns and suburban landscape nicely.
  • Small towns along the way are charming and provide many opportunities for food, brew and supplies.
  • Wildlife: We spotted a large flock of wild turkey, tons of cardinals, pelican, heron and Moorhens as well as several rabbits and more in just one afternoon.
  • Thumbs down:

  • Redneck Citrus Springs' vandals - for forcing the closing of a nice public facility through arson and destruction
  • Lessons learned:

  • Plan two days for a fun and relaxed full-trail ride. You can do it in one if you have cars at both ends or if you are at a level that allows you to ride 96 miles a day.
  • We could not find really good loging with interesting surroundings near the Northern Terminus or even in the middle of the trail at Floral City. We settled with lodging in Inverness, that proved to be great as well as providing us with several really good choices for post-ride beer and grub consumption
  • Don't plan on getting drinking water or using the toilet at the Northern Terminus facilities, they were closed permantly due to vandalism.
  • Riding in the dark without a head light through the woods can be a little freaky!
  • There are two pubs near each other in Floral City - one intown (Shamrock Inn) and one just north of Floral City (name?) that is right off of the trail. Pace yourself and plan ahead for your Tour De Consumption! We had to pass the second pub by due to darkness!
  • There are several nice poty facilities along the trail!
  • Nuts & Bolts


    Trilby to North Citrus Springs (Dunnellon), Florida


    Withlacoochee State Trail runs mostly along side of SR 41, giving it a lot of access points. The main ones that have parking include (North to South): Gulf Junction northern terminus:
    Parking, picnic - Magenta Drive N.of Haitian Ave.

    Citrus Springs trail head:
    Restrooms, picnic, parking - S. Citrus Springs Blvd.

    Hernando Beach County Park:
    Restrooms, picnic, parking, swimming, SR 41 and CR 486

    Inverness trail head:
    Restrooms, picnic, parking, fishing, food, bike rental and repair, information - North Apopka Ave.

    Downtown Floral City:
    Food, restrooms, picnic, water, parking, lodging - SR 41 and CR 48

    Floral Park:
    Restrooms, picnic parking - 1/2 mile west of trail on Floral Park Drive

    Lake Townsen Park:
    Restrooms, picnic, water, parking, fishing and river access accross the trail at Nobelton Wayside Park - CR 476 approximately 3 miles east of SR 41

    Withlacoochee State Forest Croom Tract:
    Mountain biking, camping nearby, parking, hiking - From I-75 take exit 301, SR 50. Continue 1 mile east on SR 50. Turn left onto Croom Rital Road. Head north first access point will be approximately 1 mile the next is at approximately 5 miles on Croom Rital Road.

    Silver Lake Recreaion Area:
    Camping, restrooms, picnic, river access

    Ridge Manor trail head:
    Parking, information, restrooms, water - SR 50 and US 98 at Croom Rital Road

    Trilby Junction trail head:
    Parking - 1 mile north of the southern terminus


    Food is available at several places along the trail. Water and restrooms as well as picnic shelters can also be found along the trail.


    In-line skating, hiking, horseback riding, biking, and viewing wildlife



    Bike Shops:

    Sun Coast Bikes: 322 North Pine St., Inverness, FL 34450 (352) 637-5757 Website
    Regis Hampton's Edge Trail Side Bike Shop: Specializing in recumbents 9550 E. Atlinson Ct. Floral City, 34684. (352) 799-4979 Website


    Withlacoochee State Trail, Region 3 Administration, 12549 State Park Drive Clermont, FL 34711 Phone: (352) 394-2280

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    Upper Tampa Bay Trail

    Inverness trail head sign

    Sun Coast Bikes in Inverness

    Kelli looks over the lake at Inverness

    Dana rides the trail north of Inverness

    Typical section of the northern trail

    View of the Citrus Springs facility

    Another view of same facility - shelter with trail in the background

    Bikers reach the northern terminus...

    but can't use the restroom there!

    Heading back to Inverness, passing by other bikers on recumbent bikes

    Lunch! At Angelo's in Inverness - (Stumpknockers and Coach's Pub behind)

    Historic courthouse/museum in downtown Inverness

    Next stop Floral City - well marked signage

    View of Floral City trail - side facilities - a nice gazeebo and a restroom

    Riding south of Floral City

    Turkeys! Lots of em' in a field along the trail!

    Having a few cold ones at the Shamrock Inn, Floral City


    Withlacoochee State Trail

    Tampa, Florida
    46 miles of Florida wilderness, small towns and good fun!

    First off let me say that planning a two-day ride with one night lodging on the Withlacoochee State Trail isn't easy. When my wife Kelli and I rode the Pinellas Trail, we rode from the southern terminus to the northern terminus and spent the night in a quaint bed and breakfast. The next day we reversed our route back to our car.

    The problem with doing this on the 46-mile Withlacoochee State Trail is the lack of good lodging choices within riding distance of the northern terminus just north of Citrus Springs, Florida. After a lot of searching I could only find two older motor inn type facilities in Dunnellon, Florida. Both of those added at least an additional three miles minimum to the already fairly long 46-mile ride. Kelli came up with the wonderful idea to start in the middle, ride to the north and back one day and ride south and back the next day. Great idea, but the same problem still existed: the only bed and breakfast I found near Floral City (which is midway on the trail) was around five miles from the trail.

    We did find several suitable choices in Inverness, which is seven miles north of Floral City. This would give us a manageable 32-mile round trip ride to the northern end and a long 60-mile round trip to the southern end. Although we decided to stay in Inverness, we planned on riding only 15-16 miles of the southern section, giving us a 30-32 mile round trip the second day. We wouldn't see the entire trail this trip, but we would have good lodging and see the majority of the trail. With a plan as thought out as this, what could go wrong? Nothing ever goes as planned, as we find out on most Outdoor Travels adventures.

    We got a good deal on two nights in a bed and breakfast in Inverness, so we decided to take off after work on Friday and enjoy a relaxing evening in Inverness before getting an early start on the trail Saturday morning. As it turns out, Inverness is a very quaint and charming old town. There are three major restaurants in downtown; conveniently they are all next to each other. We had a few beers at Coach's Sports Pub and called it a night. The next morning we set off riding north. The trail in Inverness runs along a very pretty lake. We spotted several types of birds, took a few pictures and headed on (incidentally, if you need rentals or repairs, Suncoast Bicycles is located directly off the trail in Inverness). The trail north of Inverness is a mixture of wooded sections, a couple of small towns and suburban sections. As we headed towards the next town of Hernando we couldn't help but notice the abundance of auto repair, racing, towing and spare parts businesses.

    Hernando is six miles north of Inverness and is the next major town along the trail. There are several places to get snacks and supplies. Of note, there is a fried chicken place right off of the trail that was frying up some chicken that smelled mouth-wateringly good. The parking lot was packed with patrons as we passed it on the way back, so I would imagine they fry up some good vitals. It was still early for us to eat, so we continued on. The trail runs pretty close to SR 41 in this area, so although some of the trail runs through forested areas, we never really felt like we were in the wilderness.

    Around 12 miles from Inverness and 5 miles from the northern terminus, we found the Citrus Springs trail head. It's a very nice facility that includes handicapped access to the trail, fresh water, neat, clean restrooms and a small picnic shelter. We decided to stop for a break.

    With only five miles to the northern terminus, we were feeling great. I read earlier that the state of Florida had built a wood-framed restroom facility at the northern terminus that was burnt down by local kids. I had heard that it was rebuilt with concrete block to foil the recreational arsonist in Citrus Springs. As we arrived at the end of the trail and the Citrus Springs facilities, I was ready to visit the restroom myself. The locals apparently had been busy vandalizing the new burn-proof building - all doors were locked and the water fountain removed. A simple sign on the door stated that the facilities were closed due to "excessive vandalism."

    After posing for a couple of pictures, we left Citrus Springs and headed back to Inverness. We were getting hungry by the time we reached Hernando again. We contemplated stopping at the Chicken King. Although the greasy smells wafting from the Chicken King smelled heavenly, we decided to continue on to Inverness so that we could have a beer with our lunch. The King sadly doesn't serve brewskis.

    We arrived back in Inverness none too soon and chose to eat at Angelo's - a little Italian restaurant that proved to be excellent! After a delicious lunch and several beers, I commented that I wasn't tired at all and since it was only 2:00 p.m., we should ride more of the trail. I thought that we could complete most if not all of Sunday's planned ride of 36 miles. Kelli was a little reluctant to agree to ride all of the 36-mile round trip, but was willing to try.

    The trail south of Inverness is notably more forested and rural. It runs through pretty wooded areas, along the Withlacoochee River and through scenic fields. We passed a very interesting pub around four miles south of Inverness, just outside of Floral City, which was our next major stop. Floral City is around six to seven miles from Inverness. There is a nice gazebo and restroom facilities next to the trail. Floral City is also home to The Shamrock Inn a nice, friendly little pub. There is a very succinct sign along the trail that sums up the pub in six four-letter words: Good Food, Cold Beer, Next Left. We still had several miles to ride before turning around, so we made a mental note to stop on the way back for a few brews.

    I figured we could go at least ten more miles before turning around. This would put us in the Withlacoochee State Forest. South of Floral City the trail runs through some of the most remote sections of land yet. The next stop of note is Hampton's Edge Bike Shop. They are around six miles south of Floral City and are open only on the weekends. Just south of the bike shop we found Lake Townson Park. They have picnic shelters and fresh water.

    We continued on for another two to three miles and got within approximately 12 miles from the southern terminus when we decided to turn around and head back. We were both pretty tired and thoughts of a cold beer in Floral City consumed our thoughts! We stopped again at Townson Park and headed to the Withlacoochee River access east of the trail for a little side exploration and a little rest. We rode our bikes over the water and along a cyprus forest on a dock and took a small rest before heading back out. Along the way Kelli spotted something in a field along the trail that turned out to be a large flock of wild turkeys. I estimated that there were around 50 60; I have never seen this many turkeys in one place - there's gotta be a joke there somewhere!

    The eleven miles north to Floral City seemed to be twice as long as they did earlier. Thoughts of cold beer motivated us to continue on. When we reached Floral City, we couldn't have been happier. We parked our bikes in front of the Shamrock Inn and went in for a few cold ones. Needless to say, we had a good time there and had a well-deserved rest. We were also treated to a little local flavor: Several older guys were cutting a rug to the sounds of a karaoke saxophonist who was equipped with his own mini-light show! (see this bonus pub-spy-cam Trail Video) It was a big night in Floral City but, sadly, we had to go as almost seven more miles were ahead of us before we reached Inverness. As we stepped out of the Shamrock's door, we were a little shocked: it was getting dark! As we hit the trail with renewed energy, dusk gave way to night. We were peddling in the dark! In an uncharacteristic move, we even passed the next pub that was just outside of Floral City.

    When we finally made it back to Inverness, it was dark and we were really tired. We returned to our bed and breakfast, got cleaned up and had dinner at Stumpknockers, one of the three restaurants in Inverness. Good food and a few cold beverages were our reward for what turned out to be an interesting 56-mile ride! I was hoping that we could check out the next morning, drive to southern terminus and ride the last 12 miles of the Withlacoochee State Trail that we didn't get to ride today. We awoke Sunday to a cold rain that had settled in for the day. It was a good thing that we rode as much of the trail Saturday that we did. The rest of the trail was going to have to wait for another day. In summary, the Withlacoochee State Trail is a really fun ride that can be enjoyed by anyone. I recommend riding the southern sections from Inverness to the southern terminus if you can only ride a portion of the trail. The scenery is nice and the towns of Inverness and Floral City are nothing short of charming.

    General Description:

    The Withlacoochee State Trail is the longest (to date) paved rail trail in Florida. It occupies approximately 46 miles of an abandoned railroad right-of-way, passing through three counties (Citrus, Hernando and Pasco) en route from Citrus Springs in Citrus County to Trilby in Pasco County. The Withlacoochee Trail State Park starts just north of S.R. 50, a mile east of I-75 and continues through the Withlacoochee State Forest, runs close to the Withlacoochee River, past the Silver Lake Campground, then continues north through the Floral City, Inverness, Citrus Springs, and ends at Gulf Junction just south of Dunnellon. The rail bed traverses six distinct natural communities, and provides visitors access to the central Florida landscape in both developed and natural conditions. The most prominent natural feature within the Withlacoochee Trail corridor is the flood plane of the Withlacoochee River. The trail intersects this flood plane in several locations, allowing visitors to observe flood plane habitats and lakes. A unique natural vista occurs along the trail corridor, south of the Withlacoochee State Forest/Croom Tract. Other important natural features of the trail corridor include scenic Lake Henderson and the Tsala-Apopka chain of lakes. These productive water bodies attract many bird species that may be observed by trail users.

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