Trail Snapshot


Around 10-12 miles of single track. Trail surfaces are generally smooth with a roots on some trails.


Easy to beginner intermediate. Although there are a few technical areas, the majority of the network is easy.

Outdoor Travels Rating:

2.25 bikes out of 5 bikes. Pretty and convenient to Orlando, but not outstanding.

Thumbs Up and Down

Thumbs Up:

  • Scenery is very nice for Florida
  • Really the only off road network currently around Orlando
  • Good for beginners
  • Maintained well
  • Thumbs Down:

  • Narrow twisty trails offer fun, but are two-way trails which can lead to close calls with oncoming riders
  • Trailhead is isolated on one end of the network, making for less ride options
  • Not much in the line of advanced intermediate or advanced riding
  • No facilities
  • Poor to no signage makes this confusing network a challenge to navigate
  • Nuts & Bolts


    Little Big Econ State Forest is located in Seminole County, 3.3 miles east of the town of Oviedo on County Road 426.


    These trails are Northeast of Orlando and relatively close to the University of Central Florida.
    Snow Hill Entrance: Take SR 50 (Colonial) East from Orlando to SR 434 (Alafaya Trail) and turn left (North), heading towards Oveido. Turn right (heading East) on SR 419 (Broadway) at the traffic light. Continue on SR 419 through a traffic light at Lockwood Boulevard. About 2.5 miles past Lockwood turn left on Snow Hill Road, and after a few miles you'll pass a park sign on the right quite some distance before the bicycle trailhead. The trailhead is on the left under 1 mile down the road just before the Econlockhatchee River.

    Chuluota Entrance: From SR 426 (Aloma Avenue) in Oviedo, turn right on Mitchell Hammock Road. Continue to the end and turn left. Turn right on SR 419 and after crossing the Econlockhatchee River and just past the fire tower turn left on Langford Road. Follow the signs to the trailhead.


    Practically none.


    Outdoor activities include: Canoeing along the Econ is a favorite pastime with many visitors, improved canoe launch areas have been established along the river. Three trailhead parking areas have been established for hiking, horseback and mountain bike riding, with 1 hiking trail (Kolokee) in the Florida Division of Forestry's Trailwalker Program. Other activities include fishing, bird-watching, picnicking and nature study.


    Primitive camping for canoeists is available with a special-use permit which can be obtained from the Little Big Econ State Forest office.




    Division of Forestry
    Little Big Econ State Forest
    1350 Snow Hill Rd.
    Geneva FL. 32732
    Telephone: 407-971-3500

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    Lots of great photos to give you a good idea of what riding here is like!

    Snow Hill Photos:



    Plank bridge



    A tight section


    Sandy pretty trail

    Sort of a climb...


    Jumping logs

    Tight squeezek

    Through the trees

    Another plank bridge

    Mountain Biking

    Little Big Econ State Forest / Snow Hill

    Orlando (Oviedo), Florida
    In a town with a lot of paved trails, trails of the dirt kind can be scarce!
    Dana Farnsworth, Outdoor Travels

    Little Big Econ State Forest contains 5,048 acres of naturally scenic land. The unusual forest name comes from combining the names of the Little Econlockhatchee River and the larger Econlockhatchee River which flow through the property. The forest's most notable feature is the narrow, winding Econlockhatchee River which is designated as an Outstanding Florida Water (OFW) and singled out for preservation.

    The area that makes up and surrounds Little Big Econ State Forest supports a wide variety of wildlife and provides a roaming corridor which connects the southern part of the Econ Basin to the Tosohatchee State Preserve and other public lands along the St. Johns River for approximately 100 miles. The numerous species of wildlife found in this corridor include: gray fox, river otter, white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobcat, resident and migratory waterfowl, wood storks, wading birds, shorebirds and numerous upland species such as deer and turkey. Other common sightings include: sandhill cranes, roseate spoonbills, bald eagles, ospreys, and hawks.

    The Old SR 13 railway and trestle was part of the Flagler Railroad System in the early 1900's and today is part of the Florida National Scenic Trail and is used by hikers to cross the Econlockhatchee River.

    This 8,000 acre addition to Florida's public lands protects the watershed of the Econlockhatchee River near Oviedo.

    Gorgeous without a lot of substance. Am I talking about a glamorous person with the IQ of a end table? Well, no. I'm talking about the off road trails at Little Big Econ State Forest, also known as Snow Hill for the road that the main trailhead is located on. The 5,048 acres feature the winding Econlockhatchee River flowing through the property along with about 12 miles and growing of singletrack. The original four mile loop is narrow, curvy, and sometimes sandy. Other cycling possibilities include jeep roads and fire lines anywhere in the forest.

    Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh when I say this park has little substance. For the most part, the sweeping, curve laden trails are fun to ride. Gliding along on a "fast as you dare" pace, the tight tree-lined trails often turn into an enjoyable slalom - that is until another rider is doing the same in the opposite direction. As the trails are two-way with a lot of blind turns, this sort of meeting is fairly common.

    After inquirering about the network's personality from a couple of nice local riders in the parking lot, I was excited to hear that there was rolling hills, drops and a few climbs to be had. In actuality, I found a few mounds of dirt and a few tight areas to navigate through. But all is not lost for the optimistic rider! The trails are very well maintained and show a great deal of care and dedication, except for the obvious lack of useful signage. As the network spider webs all over the place, getting lost the first few times is almost a guarantee without a map and compass - and even then it can prove to be a challenge.

    Overall, Snow Hill offers Orlando riders something rare - a place to ride singletrack in the Orlando area. In a town that sports an aggressive growing amount of paved trails, there is very little trails of the dirt kind to enjoy. Beginner and intermediate riders will enjoy riding here, while advanced riders will have to make the best of it, after all, almost any singletrack is good singletrack isn't it? Is it a destination ride? Probably not. Is it a fun ride? For the most part, yes.

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