What is the Best Trekking Watch in 2017?

The last thing that anyone wants when they are hiking is to get lost in the woods or on a mountain top which is why it is so important to have the best trekking watch.

Hiking is one of the most popular recreational outdoor activities around the world and you will need a watch that can travel the globe and work reliably anywhere you venture off to.

The top trekking watches should be modern, portable, durable and be able to guide you through life’s greatest outdoor adventures while keeping you safe and monitoring your location and fitness levels accurately.

The trekking watch reviews you find below will get you started on finding the best watch to match the style and feature you need to enjoy your next great hiking trip.

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The Top 3 Best Trekking Watch Reviews

These are our top picks!

Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire $XXX.XX

Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 15 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This watch is perfect for the serious hiker who makes trekking part of their lifestyle. This is one of the best trekking watches on the market and the price tag definitely reflects the quality. This watch doesn’t look like your average athletic wear and can easily be worn with professional attire to the weekday office just as easily as it can be worn with your trekking or mountaineering gear on your weekend escapades.

The watch is made from stainless steel with non-reflective Chroma display protected by a sapphire lens that is super hard and almost scratch proof. This watch can withstand just about any environmental situation. The GPS is supported by GLONASS and ABC sensors which make it more of the most accurate locators on the market with comprehensive navigation which makes it nearly impossible to get lost.

  • Advanced fitness matrix
  • Connect IQ
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters
  • Anti-scratch lens
  • 20 hours of battery life in GPS mode
  • 6-week battery life in watch mode
  • Altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer
  • Wifi and Bluetooth support
  • Sync with smart devices
  • Supports hundreds of applications


This is a watch that really can do it all. The GPS is the most accurate of any of its competitors on the market. The built in Altimeter and barometer can predict weather patterns by changes in air pressure and weather trends to alert you to storms and when to seek shelter.

The compass is electronic and has a 3-axis tilt which is very convenient and practical. The Garmin Fenix Sapphire is probably the smartest trekking watch because of the Connect IQ that allows you to customize the watch with specialized software with apps, widgets and data fields that can make your watch uniquely tailored to your needs and fitness levels.


The price tag on this watch is quite high above many others on the market place and the features can be complicated to use if you plan on learning all of them. This watch is not meant for the casual, few times a year hiker.

Garmin Tactix GPS $ XXX.XX

Garmin Tactix GPS
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars from 119 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

If you are looking for a trekking watch with tactical features the stainless-steel Garmin Tactix with PVD coating is the best trekking watch for you. This watch is protected by a curved mineral glass lens that is scratch resistant and proven to withstand most of the rough and tumble terrains that the most serious mountaineers and hikers trek through.

The GPS is easy to use and very accurate with built in facilitate hiker information about elevation, atmospheric pressure and even the moon phases! You’ll be alerted to sun rises and sets, storms that are brewing, when to seek shelter and when you are veering off course. The batteries are also rechargeable and last up to 50 hours which is longer than many trekking watch competitors currently on the market!

  • GPS Equipped
  • Altimeter, Barometer, 3-axis compass
  • Non-reflective, scratch resistant display
  • 5-week battery life in watch mode
  • 50 hour battery life in GPS mode
  • Jump Master option for Skydivers
  • Tide information for water sports
  • Wire connectivity
  • Fitness monitoring


This watch is more affordable than others on the market and great for people that are just getting into the trekking lifestyle and learning to use these types of watches. The GPS locates you fairly quickly and the watch can charge quickly as well.


Many trekking watch reviewers are dissatisfied with the straps that come with the watch and say that they are low quality and wear out easily when used for fitness monitoring around the arm or chest. There are also a lot of features that are not explained in the owner’s manual and may take some time to learn.

Suunto Traverse $XXX.XX

Suunto Traverse
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars from 101 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Suunto is one of the most trusted brands for trekkers and the traverse is one of the best trekking watches on the market. The battery lasts for 100 straight hours with the GPS enabled, with 50 different routes and 250 waypoints programmable.

There’s an altimeter, barometer and compass with free topographic maps installed in Suunto Movescout app that show trails and detailed elevation information that help you stay on track and plan the best routes to your destination. You can also track and monitor fitness levels, get mobile notifications when paired with smart devices and be warned of bad weather and storms that are brewing. You can even take incoming calls and texts on this watch leaving your hands free for climbing.

  • GPS enabled
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters
  • Altimeter, thermometer, compass, barometer
  • Backlight in flashlight mode
  • Activity and fitness tracking
  • Real time breadcrumb view of route
  • Storm alerts
  • Stainless steel and composite case
  • Vibration alerts
  • Silicone band


The watch is super comfortable and affordable. This watch is a fraction of the cost of some of the most expensive on the market but still comes with the same bells and whistles. The band is flexible and soft and comfortable to wear. The display is durable and stylish.


Some reviewers say that the their use of the battery did not live up to expectations and the battery life did not come close to the 100 hours promised with GPS enabled. However, the battery did charge quickly when put on the charger. If the battery dies during use, the data does not save.

Final Word

When looking for the best trekking watches for you, make sure to pay attention to the features and benefits that will be the most important to you.

Some trekking watches are clearly designed for trekkers who live a very intense hiking lifestyle and for these people, features and benefits will be very important, however, for the average trekker, a watch that provides good navigation and will last against the rugged terrain of the mountains and woods may get you by if trekking is just a hobby.

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