What is the Best Travel Bag for Women?

Women are known for packing more essential, and nonessential, travel items than men, especially on long flights where they will be at the destination for more than a few days. Women typically need more day to day care items than men do which makes overpacking easy and, often times frustrating when trying to manage weight limits for luggage and size limitations for carryon bags and personal items.

According to reviews for the best women’s travel bags, women want versatility, affordability and efficiency, along with a nice look when picking out their luggage.

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The Top 6 Best Travel Bag for Women

With hundreds of different kinds of bags available, when asking yourself “What is the best travel bag for women?” there are several options that you should consider far and above the rest.

Ulgoo Travel Canvas Bag $XX.XX

Ulgoo Travel Canvas Bag
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from 3 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This travel bag is made out of canvas and PU Leather making it high quality and affordable. With the option to carry by hand, cross body, or over the shoulder, the versatility in carrying the bag is great. Known as a weekend overnight bag, the Ulgoo is ideal for short trips not far from home.  Measuring 21.3”*13”*9.4” (Length, height, width) this travel bag is best suited for carry on purposes or as a personal item since it is the same size as an oversized purse.

This canvas bag has ample room for a few outfits, personal items, and toiletries and is also used frequently for laptops and other electronic devices. There is one large main compartment that is zipped, a small zippered pocked on the outside, a cellphone pocket, two zippered interior compartments and 3 open pockets as well. There is also a toiletries canvas bag that is sold separately and matches this Ulgoo travel bag.

  • Canvas material can be made water resistant
  • Comes in 6 different color options
  • Two way zipper closure
  • stylish
  • affordable


This canvas travel bag is ideal for when who are on the go and can be easily used for many purposes other than travel such as transporting electronic devices, gym bag, or beach bag. The canvas material can easily be waterproof and the PU leather is very durable and high quality. Because there are so many pockets, this bag is great for organizing all your travel essentials from makeup, cell phone, hand sanitizer and facial tissue, to your wallet, keys, passport, and snacks!


The interior of the bag is not tacked to the inside which means that the interior pockets can become stressed with the weight of items such as wallets and cell phones. Because this travel bag for women is the size of a carryon, if you are looking to pack larger items such as hair dryers and straighteners, multiple pairs of shoes, or you are trying to combine your electronics with your clothes and toiletries, this bag may not be quite large enough.

Nicole Miller Sharon City Duffel Bags $XX.XX

Nicole Miller Sharon City Duffel Bags
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars from 85 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Although this Nicole Miller bag is called a duffel bag, it is not your typical nylon gym bag you see in locker rooms across America. This bag women’s travel bag has a stylish pebble grain textured exterior and the signature Nicole Miller interior print so you know this is a genuine Nicole Miller fashionable bag. The bag measures 21x12x10 and only weighs 3 lbs empty making it ideal for being used as a carryon item or weekend travel bag.

The bag is also made out of imitation leather, but you can’t tell. This quality makes the bag durable, luxurious looking, and very affordable for the average person. The straps can be taken off so that this bag may be carried by the handles or over the shoulder like a tote bag, or cross body. When used for just a weekend getaway, women who reviewed the bag proclaim it is the perfect size.

  • Comes with 2 year warranty
  • Deeply discounted off retail value
  • Comes in 3 colors, black, tan and navy
  • Versatile with removable cross body straps
  • Has pockets on each end of the bag and one zippered pocket on top


This bag is elegant and stylish. For a travel bag for women, this bag provides all the essentials when thinking about packing for a weekend trip. The outside of the bag can be weather proofed and the travel bag comes with a 2 year warranty as well. This bag is durable and functional. The pebbled texture makes it so that any nicks and scratches are unnoticeable and minor.


Some reviewers have stated that the bag has come with broken zippers when ordered online, but that returns and exchanges were handled quickly and easily. The removable straps are also prone to wear, especially if taken on and off frequently, and the bag can come under duress in extreme temperatures. If packed to capacity, some women have a hard time getting this travel bag to fit under the seat on an airplane, but the bag can fit in the overhead compartment without any issues.

Michael Kors Rhea Backpack $XXX.XX

MICHAEL Michael Kors Women's Small Rhea Backpack
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 93 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Michael Kors Rhea Backpack is perfect for the upscale women on the go who needs to travel with ease. This backpack is made of genuine pebbled leather, a wraparound top zipper and adjustable shoulder straps. The interior is lined with the Michael Kors logo and includes three pouches and 1 zip compartment for organization. The exterior of the bag features 2 zip pockets. This bag is highly durable, weather resistant, versatile and functional.

This travel bag for women is small enough to slide under an airplane seat and large enough accommodate a variety of travel needs.

  • Comes in more than 20 styles and colors
  • Reinforced seams
  • Dual zipper exterior pockets
  • Sleek and stylish


The best thing about this women’s travel bag is the versatility. Perfect for a weekend away, lugging documents back and forth to work, or carrying books for school, this backpack will work for every woman no matter what her needs are. The bag is made from 100% cowhide which means it can be water proofed and is very soft and durable.


The price may seem a little steep for some women, but you have ot remember this is genuine leather which means that the quality is above some of the other travel bags for women you may come across. The bag also doesn’t have feet or wheels, so if you set it down, the bottom of the bag can be damaged or become wet.

Bagerly Lightweight Canvas Bag $XX.XX

Bagerly Lightweight Canvas Bag
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars from 30 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Although this travel bag looks like a backpack, the lightweight and durable material is perfect for traveling and makes carrying that much easier. Women that are going to be doing a lot of walking on their travels, whether it is because they are backpacking through Europe, or navigating a large, chaotic airport by themselves will love a bag like this because it leaves their hands free and they don’t have to worry about the bag slipping and sliding while trying to maneuver through crowds.

The bag is also very stylish with east coast stripes and imitation leather buckles. The materials are canvas which is ultra-durable and weather proof with a polyester lining. There are 8 total pockets which make organizing a breeze and even includes a pocket that is designed for water bottles, and another for cell phones. The back pack straps have extra padded support to ease shoulder and back tension and make for more comfortable carrying. The bag measures 17.7 x 18.7 x 6.7 so using this bag as carryon luggage is doable with nearly every airport.

  • Lifetime Warranty included
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Affordable
  • Can be weather proofed
  • Great for school or on the road
  • Can fit under the seat on an airplane


This women’s travel bag is versatile for numerous functions from school to travel, hiking or personal use. The lifetime guarantee makes the bag even more affordable because you will never have to purchase another. The extra padding on the straps makes the bag easier to carry and manipulate and the cushion also is made from high permeability material which reduces sweat. There are so many compartments that you can fit your entire life into one bag. Carry a few outfits, your laptop, cellphone, water bottles, makeup bag, all with ease. There is even a place to hook on your umbrella for extra mobility in inclement weather. The lifetime warranty is one of the best features of this product because of the 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Many women see backpacks as being too casual but when you are taking a casual weekend trip away, what more do you need? The bag needs to be washed by itself in the laundry in cold water and cannot be put through the dryer, so laundering the bag may prove to be cumbersome. If you wash this bag with other items such as clothes, you run the risk of color bleeding.

Steve Madden Legends Wheeled Under Seat Bag $XX.XX

Steve Madden "Legends" Wheeled Under Seat Bag
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars from 5 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Steve Madden is mostly known for shoes, but he has made some excellent travel bags for women as well. This travel bag has a unique print on durable canvas that makes the bag easily recognizable and will help women stand out in the crowd which can be very useful in crowded airports. The interior of the bag is fully lined with the signature madden print.

This travel bag is very versatile in that it can be carried using the leather attached straps, or wheeled. If you are opting to wheel this bag, there is a telescopic push buttom handle system that enables the bag to be user friendly and optimal for lugging through security lines. The front of the bag has two zipper pockets, both sides have zipper pockets and there is one large interior pocket.

  • Can come as part of an entire luggage system
  • Stylish
  • Water resistant
  • Wheels make it so that the bag is never sitting flat on the floor


This bag is part of a matching luggage set but can be purchased separately. The wheels make it so that the bag is never touching the ground which greatly minimizes wear and tear and accidental damage. There are 8 compartments total on this bag which make organizing easy and packing quick. All pockets are easily accessible. The handle is adjustable to your height which makes this women’s travel bag suitable for women of all ages and heights. This under seat travel bag is a designer luxury brand at department store prices.


Some reviewers report that the telescopic handles do not adjust the way they would like them to which makes pulling the bag behind them through an airport at times difficult. The print is also very bold and may not be suitable for more modest or conservative women. Although the bag is durable, the canvas material along with the loud print can make the bag look “cheap.”

Vera Bradley Large Duffel $XXX.XX

Vera Bradley Large Duffel Bag
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 707 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Vera Bradley Collection is known for its loud and eclectic prints and the quilted duffel bags are no exceptions. These bags are quilted cotton and come in bright colors such as purples, blues, pinks, greens, and yellows, with a variety of patterns—paisley being a huge hit. These bags are lightweight and comfortable. They can fit in an overhead compartment on a plane and also can easily compact into a trunk for a long road trip. The total measurement of the bags is 22×11.5 x 15 which make it easy to use as a gym bag, school bag or travel bag, but too large to be used as an everyday personal item.

The handles on this bag are nonadjustable as they are sewn on, but they are the perfect length to throw over your shoulder, or carry by hand at 32 inches long. The bag is also very lightweight at barely over one pound.

  • Vera Brandley Duffels come in several colors and patterns
  • Available at many major retailers
  • Easy to carry
  • Large enough for longer trips
  • Unique and collected by many women


This bag is great for people who want their personality to shine through what they wear. Many women collect Vera Bradley bags and this is a must have for most. The duffle bag can be easily stored because of the cotton material making it compact and can be washed in the machine. There are two handle which help with ease of use and comes with a few different pockets for organization.


Because the handles are sewn on, and the material is quilted cotton, this bag may be more prone to wear and tear, staining, and ripping. The bag can also experience stress along the seams when packed too full which can cause holes and fraying. When laundering the bag, you must wash on cold, gentle cycle and air dry which can make upkeep of the bag more time consuming. There is also no weather proofing on the duffel and because the material is cotton, water can be absorbed through the bag.


No matter which travel bag you choose, women’s travel bag reviews all suggest the same—a bag needs to be versatile and functional in order to work as a travel bag for women. Women need space and organizational tools at their disposal when packing so the best travel bags for women will be sure to have these features as well as being easy to carry and weather proof.

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