Crossbody Bags for Travel: Top 8 in 2017

Bags that can simply hook over the opposite shoulder are ideal for people that wish to have their hands free to carry other things, to keep their mind sane by not having to keep putting the shoulder strap over their shoulder as it slides off, and to have a good amount of space in a bag that is just easy to carry while travelling.  There are several different types of crossbody bags designed for specific purposes like a courier, messenger, vacationer, women’s purses, or bags that are just perfect for travelling with.

These bags are usually small compared to other luggage and will hold personal items that need to be accessible but well protected like your ID, wallet, phone, boarding passes, tickets, keys, or other things that are vital for travel.  A lot of these bags will have anti-theft features that make them great for flying, any other transportation, or even just using it at your destination because you can keep all your valuables in the hidden, locked, or secret compartments.  Some of these bags can strap to you in more than one location to prevent a bag thief from grabbing it and running.

They can hook to your belt or have a second strap that can go around your waist.  However, even the crossbody bags that have just the one strap will do a good job in preventing these thieves from stealing your bag from you because it is across your body.  These several reasons should be enough for anyone who travels to consider one of these bags as a personal security tote.

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The Top 8 Best Crossbody Bags for Travel

Here are a few bags that people must consider when shopping for the best travel crossbody bags:

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag $XX.XX

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from 482 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This bag is a unisex crossbody bag with tons of features and space, making this a top choice for anyone wanting these types of bags, as it will serve anyone well for years under normal use.  It is made of a synthetic fabric and synthetic lining, ensuring durability over time, and making it somewhat water resistant.  The main compartment zips at the top to provide easy access to all the internal pouches and pockets.

The strap has a 28” drop, so that anyone of any size, can use it and wear it comfortably.  The main compartment locks by using the zipper to be attached to the bag itself.  The material used in the construction of this bag was designed to make the bag ‘slash proof’, as this provides extra security, because it cannot be cut easily if it were to get lost or stolen and the bag is locked.  The straps are also designed to be attached to posts or chairs to be hung up so that the user can benefit from the removable LED light in low light situations.

This bag is focused on being secure, but it also has the organization features, and therefore it makes the list.  There are several smaller pockets inside for all your personal and sensitive items.  These pouches are secure and will hold all your items in place during your travels.  If you were to use this bag for work purposes, and have an RFID card to get into buildings or doors, this bag has a secure slot for just that.

  • RFID card slot
  • Focused on security
  • Locking main compartment
  • Slash proof synthetic construction
  • Large adjustable shoulder strap
  • Lots of organizational options
  • Removable LED light
  • 14 color options


This bag is focused on security, which means when the user has this bag for travelling, they know that all their contents in that bag are safe.  There are stories of thieves doing ‘slash and grab’ crimes which is taking someone’s purse or bag right off their body and running away with it.  The Travelon company has been on the market for 35 years, and have seen the repetition in these crimes, and have committed themselves to making bags safer for their customers.  The result is the production of this bag.  The material is ‘cut proof’ so that no would be thief would be able to cut it and run.  The main compartment locks to keep anyone but the owner out of it, and this comes in handy in many situations, like keeping kids from getting something harmful out of the bag, keeping co-workers out of it, or of course, when travelling, keeping pickpockets from taking items out without you knowing.  When travelling at night, there is a feature for the user to utilize, and that is the removable LED light that will ensure you can see where you are going.  This bag is perfect for anyone needing to keep valuable information, items, or documents secure while going from one place to another.  It is especially helpful to the people who do this for a living.  Couriers or messengers can benefit greatly from the security this bag provides, and that isn’t to say that anyone else cannot experience the peace of mind that this crossbody bag brings to the table, and given the price that is required to own it, this bag is in and of itself a ‘steal’.


Some men may think this bag looks like a purse, and at first glance, it does look like one.  This may steer men away from it.  However, this bag should be considered a tool and not a fashion bag, because it provides a service, if you will, of security that not many other bags can give you.  The color options are also catered more towards women, as most them, are more feminine.  There are a few colors that men can choose though.

It seems that this bag is for women who want to travel in a safe manner.  So, knowing that, it is for any woman wanting a safer bag to go to work, travel with family, or even go backpacking through Europe.  It will keep the much-needed items safe and secure in so many ways, that the choice of purchasing this bag is made easy for anyone, and the answer is yes, you should own one of these bags, because it will pay for itself very soon, especially when it continues to keep your valuables safe.


EconoLed Canvas Men’s Single Shoulder Crossbody Bag $XX.XX

EconoLed Canvas Men’s Single Shoulder Crossbody Bag
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars from 193 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This bag looks like a military pouch or even a small gun holster, and provides the security of both, while looking great for any user that would like a khaki canvas crossbody bag.  This bag is smaller than some of the others out there because it is made for the smaller personal items that most people use every day.  It is made of a very durable canvas material that will last for years even when abused more than normal.

The inside is lined with a cotton material that provide security of your breakables because of the extra padding.  The shoulder strap is made of the canvas material and is adjustable and it will fit even larger people.  This bag has a 5-pocket structure that is perfect for organizing all your everyday personal items, like your wallet, keys, phone, ID’s, money, or other things you need to keep on you always.  This bag seems to be catered more for men, but women can certainly wear this bag comfortably, if they like the style of the bag.  It comes in 2 color options, black/khaki, and a solid khaki color.  The actual bag is attached to a padded flat canvas material that is there for the user to have the bag conform to their hip, not unlike some gun holsters, and this provides the user with all day comfortability.

The size of the main compartment measures 9” deep and 8” wide, providing a good amount of space for how small the bag is, and a good example is that it will carry a larger novel, a tablet, or even a smaller netbook in it.  That is also not including the other pockets that are designed to hold all your items that would usually go into the pockets of your jeans.

  • Durable canvas construction
  • Comfortable hip padding
  • Cotton material inside
  • Great organization
  • 5-pocket structure
  • 2 color options


This bag can hold more than it looks like it would hold and has a smaller profile, which is perfect for the person going on vacation, and wanting to keep their money, phone, and keys secure.  It will hold some things for the kids on your vacation shopping trips too.  It is a very durable little bag and will take a good amount of abuse before retiring.  It has a unique look to it, with its holster style padded hip guard, and the pouch attached to it made from canvas.  A lot of women have abandoned their bulky purses and have adopted this bag as their go-to bag for everyday use.  It is a lot more secure than just having a wallet and relying on your pockets for your other items like your phone, keys, and anything else you put into your pockets.  It is easy to use and very comfortable to wear because of its smaller profile, it fits nicely in between your body and your arms.  The price is just right for this bag as well, most people have just bought 2, as their significant other has stolen it from them to use for themselves.


The style of this little bag is something that everyone will not enjoy.  It would be great if the company made separate styles to accommodate other people and their taste of fashion.  Everything else about this bag is a pro.

Even though it is lacking because of the one style with 2 color options, it makes up for that by its ease of use and its functionality, which makes this bag a great choice for the everyday crossbody bag for travel.

Harwish Men’s Crossbody Bag $XX.XX

Harwish Men’s Crossbody Bag
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars from 153 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This bag is unique for its organizational space and features that all other modern bags should strive to have.  This crossbody bag is the workhorse one needs for travelling for work, vacation, or just visiting family for the holidays.  It is becoming more common that women have been throwing the purse out and replacing it with this bag.  Especially the moms who need a ton of space in something that has a smaller profile.

This bag is offered in 3 colors, coffee, black, and khaki.  It is made of a durable high density waterproof nylon.  The shoulder strap is extra wide for extra comfort.  It is also adjustable and will fit just about anyone of any size.  The unique thing about this bag is that the front pocket folds down, making it very easy for the user to access the items inside.  That pocket has a mesh pouch big enough for a tablet, rings to hook keys onto, and other pouches to fit other sensitive items such as your wallet, money, ID, or phone.

  • 3 color options
  • Durable high density waterproof nylon construction
  • Extra wide adjustable shoulder strap
  • Tons of organization
  • Lightweight
  • Folding front compartment
  • Durable, secure zippered compartments


This bag has everything a modern bag should have at half the price.  It is cheap, but it isn’t made cheap, as this has surprised the crossbody bag market with its durability, style, functionality, and other modern features that make this one of the best crossbody bags on the market today.  The colors that is offered are all professional and will look great taking it to and from work.  The shoulder strap is wide, and won’t cut into your shoulder, so it can be worn all day without getting injured or fatigued.  The front pocket folds down, revealing all its contents, which makes this very easy for the user to get out their wallet and pay for something, get out their phone to answer a call, or take out the notebook out of the larger pouch inside the compartment to jot down some notes.  The versatility of this bag makes it a great choice for a bag to take with you anywhere you go.


The price may have people thinking twice about purchasing this bag.  Not why you might think, but because it is a little ‘too’ cheap, and this usually is a good indicator of things like, the bag is poorly made, it won’t last long, it looks bad, or other things cheaper bags are notorious for.  This isn’t the case with this one.  It has all the right features to make it a great bag.  The price on this one is a pro.  The only other thing that could be said about this bag is that it only comes in 3 color options.  However, these colors are sure to please anyone, as these are nice, professional colors that make the bag look great.

Tom Clovers Canvas Crossbody Bag $XX.XX

Tom Clovers Summer New Women's Men's Classy Look cool Simple style Casual Canvas Crossbody Messenger Shouder Handbag
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars from 252 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This bag is the most fashionable of the bunch, and has people flocking to it, but for way more reasons than because it looks great.  The manufacturer has a warning for their customers to be wary and not buy anything that isn’t guaranteed by the company.  That means that there are other companies trying to mimic this great bag, but haven’t succeeded, because it is one of a kind.

It is made of genuine leather, eco-friendly canvas, with brass button hardware.  It has a larger profile than other crossbody bags, and it will fit a 13” laptop/netbook in its main compartment, large tablets, standard sized school books, and any other thing you may need to carry to work, school, or to travel anywhere.  It has a backside zipped pocket to keep the pouch hidden against your body, and makes it easy to take and stow items as you need.  It comes in 9 color options that are both traditionally professional, or eccentric, so anyone can pick a design they like.

The extra-long shoulder strap is adjustable for maximum comfort for people of any size.  The main compartment sports a durable zipper and houses several smaller compartments inside to fit all your belongings on your trips.  While this bag is larger than others like it, it is surprisingly light, weighing in at only 1.6lbs.  The company guarantees satisfaction for a year from the date of purchase, which is nice, considering these bags can take some abuse over time.

  • Unique style
  • Cotton canvas construction
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Backside zipper
  • Good organization
  • Fits small computers, tablets, or books
  • 9 color options


This bag is durable, and it should be, as it is large and can hold some big items, and it needs to hold them well over time.  The cotton canvas material looks great and is super easy to clean when it gets dirty.  The bag has a unique style to it and will have people asking where you got it at the airport, work, or school.  The utility functionality of the bag is superb, as it will hold anything anyone would need to take with them, and not only the essentials, but much more if one desires.  You can take everything you need for school with you to classes all day, you can use it for work, or you can travel all over with it.  It is easy to use because of the simplicity of the pouches and how they are organized.  There is no fumbling around trying to find items you need while people are waiting in line behind you causing embarrassment when it takes forever before you finally find it.  Every item in the bag will have its own spot, and the bag will keep those items secure, with its zippered pouches, and the soft interior of the bag giving the items the cushion they need to survive travelling.  The price will throw you off at first.  It is extremely affordable, especially for a unique name-brand bag, and that it gives you all the features that it does.  This bag is great for men and women.  No one said a man can’t look great sporting a crossbody bag, and this one will fit the bill, especially because of its ease of use.


This bag may be considered more feminine to some.  This is certainly a subjective issue that would need to be resolved by the prospective buyer, but nonetheless, it is marketed as a unisex crossbody bag.  It would be nice if the bag had a separate compartment for electronics, rather than using the main compartment, or other smaller ones for electronics and accessories.  Everything else about this unique style bag is a pro.

Plambag Canvas Crossbody Bag $XX.XX

Plambag Canvas Crossbody Bag
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from 67 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

As the patterns and colors of the 1990’s is coming back into style, this bag is going to be purchased by the people who want to get back to that style, as it just looks like it came from the era.  This bag only comes in 2 color options, which are grey and coffee, they have a 90’s vintage look to them.

The grey looks more like a denim and the coffee looks more like a worn leather.  Whether you care about the style of this bag or not, it is a great buy because of its modern features and organization that will leave the user happy about the purchase.  It is made of a durable canvas with zipper enclosures for the compartments and pouches.

There are 2 main compartments on this bag, which is why it makes the list, one is a mesh pocket that can hold all your personal items like wallets, keys, phones, or other smaller items.  The other is a slightly larger zippered pocket that can hold all your electronics like your tablets, phones, and other accessories.  There is also a front zippered pocket that has smaller pouches within and 6 card slots; this bag could possibly eliminate the use for a separate wallet if the user wishes.  The shoulder strap is adjustable and comfortable for any user of any size.

  • Durable canvas construction
  • 2 main compartments
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Card slots in front pocket
  • Small pouches for superb organizational options
  • 2 color options
  • Retro-casual style
  • Very affordable


This bag has a multi-pocket design that is perfect for anyone.  There are so many different scenarios that one could find themselves in and be glad that they have this bag.  It is possibly the most versatile bag on the list because it is great for men and women.  It can hold all the things that both would need to travel with, go to work, or go to school.  This bag will hold up well over time under normal use and will keep your items safe and sound every time you use it.  The shoulder strap is adjustable for the larger or smaller people.  The 2 main compartments it has should be enough to consider this bag as the one you would need to purchase.  Other crossbody bags are lacking regarding this situation.  They have successfully taken a bag and gave it 2 compartments to separate the electronics from everything else in the bag.  This is a crucial feature to have in a bag like this because it will guarantee that your sensitive items will stay safe and not get knocked around by all the other belongings in the bag.  Your laptop, tablet, phone, and accessories will have their own pouch, leaving you with plenty of room for the kids’ toys, your personal items, wallets, or maybe even a makeup bag.  This feature is what brings this bag to the top of the list, its real-world application, and that it looks great as well.


This bag has a certain style that some may not like.  It would be nice to see the bag in a few more colors, possibly even a different material, and that way they can offer the bag in a modern setting, and the retro style as well.  Some have complained of the smell of the bag when they first get it.  This is normal, as any other bag made of similar materials will have the same smell if they are made brand-new.  It is an unavoidable part of the process of making these bags.  When you first get it, let it air out for a day, and the bag will not smell after that.  You can even take your favorite perfume or scent and spray it on it to help get rid of it.  Everything else about this bag is a huge pro.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Crossbody Bag $XX.XX

Kenneth Cole Reaction Crossbody Bag
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars from 96 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This bag is for the professional that travels small distances and doesn’t need to take a whole lot with them.  It has a modern elegance that is perfect for the businessperson that needs more than a wallet or a small purse.  It is made of Columbian leather with single gusset, and a flap over construction.

The interior is lined with a water-resistant nylon that will keep your items safe from the weather.  Under the flap, is an open top pocket that has small pouches and pockets for fitting your phone, keys, money, and it also has 6 credit card slots.

This bag can easily make your wallet or purse obsolete, as many have found after they have purchased the bag.  There are spots for pens and pads of paper in the main compartment as well.  What makes this a great messenger/travel crossbody bag is that it includes a separate padded compartment for your electronics.  It sports a padded adjustable shoulder strap for comfort.  This bag comes in 3 color options, black, tan, and brown.

  • Padded electronics compartment
  • Durable and elegant style
  • Columbian leather construction
  • 3 color options
  • Flap over design
  • Magnetic flap catch
  • Superb organization
  • Water-resistant nylon interior


Everything about this little messenger bag is a pro.  It is simple to use and its affordable.  It looks great and could possibly take your wallet or purse out of the picture because of the front pocket and its organizational options.  It has a flap over design that makes it even more simple to use the bag in any situation.  The best thing about the bag is that it has a padded area for electronics.  It is large enough to fit some big e-readers or tablets.  This bag isn’t big enough to house a laptop, but that isn’t what its intended for anyways.  This is a personal bag for the person who needs just a little more room than what their wallet, jean pockets, and purses can offer.  That is why this is a great crossbody bag for travelling.  It will fit all the things that one would need on their adventure, keep your items safe and sound, and last for many more trips under normal wear and tear conditions.  The adjustable shoulder strap is nice for the people that need them to be longer or shorter than normal.  It also looks great for any professional or messenger that wants to dress to impress.


Some may not like the colors that this bag is offered in.  They are more for the office type professionals, everyday casual use, or for travelling.  If you are looking for a loud colored bag, then this isn’t for you.  Everything else about this bag is considered a pro.

Visconti Owen Crossbody Bag $XXX.XX

Visconti Owen Crossbody Bag
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from 42 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This bag is the most expensive on the list, but it is for good reason, as this bag is the most elegant and has the features to make this a top contender for the best crossbody travel bag.  This bag is made of 100% leather and features a large main zippered compartment with smaller additional pouches and pockets for easy organization.  It sports 3 total outer zippered compartments, 2 in the front of the bag, and 1 in the back.

The bag is extra durable because of the leather construction that is held together by a double-stitched design.  This company is possibly the most famous for smaller messenger type handbags and crossbody bags, so you can rest assure that for the price of this bag, you are getting the best the market offers.

  • All leather construction
  • Double-stitching construction
  • 3 outer zippered compartments
  • Large main compartment
  • Durable zippers
  • Brass hardware
  • 2 color options
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Highly fashionable


This bag is the perfect combination of modern elegance and vintage style.  The distressed leather not only looks great, but is very durable.  This isn’t a bag that is just for show, it is for using, while looking good doing it.  It has just as much functionality as any other bag like it and looks better.  The larger main compartment is great for storing anything one would need on their travels.  It is easy to get in and out of the pockets and pouches.  The double-stitching construction is what should really sell this bag, because the handmade quality is what brings it higher on the list than the others.  This company isn’t famous for putting out expensive bags that fall apart or wear down quickly.  No, this company is built on high quality handmade leather bags that will last a lifetime if properly taken care of.  Yes, it is more expensive than the others, but for what you get, it is well worth even more than what is required to own this beautiful crossbody bag.


There is nothing bad to say about this bag, except for some subjective points, that may be an issue for some that aren’t looking for a bag quite like this.  Leather is something that requires a certain amount of upkeep for it to keep from drying out and cracking.  This may be something some would not want to deal with.     Leather doesn’t usually come in a bunch of different colors, but if you want something that comes in more than 2 colors, than this bag isn’t for you.  It holds a good number of personal items, however, some may require a larger bag for their needs, as this bag is on the smaller side compared to other bags like it.

Ibagbar Canvas Crossbody Bag $XX.XX

ibagbar Canvas Backpack Travel Bag
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 214 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

This bag is for the people that abuse their things without even trying.  It isn’t their fault, they just require more durability out of their tools than others; this bag is perfect for those types of people, because it will hold up to really anything a bag can be used for.  It offers superior functionality and organizational space that makes this a great option to consider when shopping for the perfect crossbody travel bag.

It is made of a high-density cotton canvas and leather zippers.  The bag itself measures 10”x11”x5”, which is perfect for any 10” tablets or other electronics and accessories.  There is a total of 9 pockets.  There are 7 zipped pockets, 2 external side pockets, and it also has 8 credit card slots, pen slots, and a ring to hook keys onto for extra security.

The bag has a flap over design, the flap itself houses a zippered pocket on the outside, and is secured by a cross-stitched Velcro that holds very well.  It has an adjustable shoulder strap and a strong handle on the top so the user can have options when carrying the bag.  The company Ibagbar, advertises that this product has a 1-year warranty, and that any problems or concerns will be addressed and solved.  This is a great thing to hear from a company.  This gives you the reassurance that you are buying a product that they care about, and if there was something to go wrong, they will help you and fix it promptly.  It comes in 3 color options, black, brown, and a dark grey/brown trim pattern.  The black option is more like a dark grey with a black trim and the dark grey option is more of a blueish grey color with a brown trim.  There is also a hole with a grommet to run headphones through.  This is great for a traveler.

  • High-density cotton canvas construction
  • Fits 10” tablets
  • 9 pocket design
  • Credit card slots
  • 2 exterior side pockets
  • Cross-stitched Velcro flap
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Canvas shoulder strap construction
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • 3 color/pattern options
  • Hole with grommet for headphones or chargers


This bag will last forever under normal conditions.  Even if you were to abuse it a little more than you should, it will still last forever, and for the price that you pay to own this bag, it is a steal considering this.  The bag has more pouches, pockets, and compartments than most other bags like it.  The company is confident of their product and they stand behind it with a warranty.  This is a huge pro for the everyday consumer.  The bag has all the features one would want in a modern bag.  It will house your electronics, your school books, your travel items, your kids’ items needed to trips to the grocery store, and so many other things; so, as you can easily tell, it is versatile enough for anyone, especially because of its organizational freedom.  The Velcro patch for the flap is even cross-stitched for it to be up to par with the durability as the rest of the bag is.  The adjustable canvas shoulder strap is comfortable and heavy-duty.  The hole for the headphones is a great feature for the traveler.


There is nothing bad to say about this crossbody bag.  Any cons would all be subjective.  Any feature about this bag is a huge pro and is highly recommended for purchase.


These bags are different in more ways than one, but they all do essentially the same function, and will carry your items safely from one point to another.  However, there are hundreds of things to consider when you are wanting to find the perfect bag for you.

There are thousands of bags out there, so it becomes difficult to find it, especially when there are so many bad ones that saturate the market as well.  The crossbody bags listed here are good for both men and women, have modern and vintage styles, multiple color options, simple and complicated organizing, and in small or large profiles.  All of them have unique features that will hopefully help you find the bag that is right for you.

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