7 of the Best Travel Bags for Europe

You’re off to Europe, and that involves a lot of packing. Even if you are a minimalist, a week or two is a long time to be gone from your home, so you need at least the essentials. A trip to Europe is an adventure; you never know what you will encounter. Typically, you need one (or two) of the best travel bag for Europe to hold all of your gear.

There are quite a few choices. Some people prefer a backpack, especially solo travelers or those out for a life-changing adventure for a few months. Backpacks are easy to carry, large, and convenient. Some minimalist can live out of a carry-on bag, even when they are headed to Europe. Other people prefer a large sized, rolling luggage bag. Your preferences are based on your needs and the type of travel you have planned.

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The Top 7 Best Travel Bag for Europe

These are the top options we have when it comes to travel bag for Europe travelers.

Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

osprey farpoint
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars from 186 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Reasons to Purchase

  • Three different storage capacities available for purchase
  • Lightweight
  • Different size choices
  • Great suspension system with a padded hip belt and shoulder straps
  • U-Zip for easy access
  • Pockets for organization

The first travel bag on our list is for the backpackers. Osprey is a highly rated brand that creates some amazing products. Their Farpoint Backpack comes in three different sizes – 40, 55, and 70 liters. The 40L and 55L both are very similar in size. Their main compartments are both 40L in size, but the 55 offers a detachable 15-liter daypack. Daypacks are perfect for sightseeing throughout the day. The 70L has a 55L main backpack with a 15L removable bag. However, a 40 L pack is ideal for a minimalist traveling through Europe.

Backpackers rave about the Farpoint because it has great features. First, they added a suspension system for comfort and support. There is a padded hip belt that spreads the weight of the pack across your body. The shoulder straps are also padded. Travelers also like the multiple compartments found inside of the bag. Osprey used a U-zip for the main compartment that allows travelers to find everything they want in the bag.

Unlike other backpacks, the Farpoint comes in different versions. We mentioned above that you could buy the travel bag in various storage capacities, but it also comes in two different size choices. You get all of the bags, no matter the storage size, in either a small/medium or a medium/large. This feature is perfect for those who are on the short or tall side, giving the traveler a better fit.

Overall, if you want a travel bag that is lightweight (under 5 pounds) and is a backpack, the Farpoint is one of the best rated. It has excellent features!

Osprey Aura 65 Backpack

Osprey Women's Aura 65 AG Backpacks
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 56 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Reasons to Purchase the Aura 65

  • One of the few backpacks designed specifically for women
  • 65 liters of storage space
  • Padded shoulder and hip straps, and a front, chest strap is available
  • Added suspension system for support
  • Plenty of storage pockets available.

Women don’t typically find all travel backpacks comfortable. Osprey decided to fix this problem and design a pack with the ladies in mind. The Aura 65 is perfect for travelers, hikers, and campers. It is versatile and a useful choice for everyone, especially women. Osprey thought about a woman;s body type and made the bag perfect for them.

The Aura offers travelers 65 liters of storage space, which is quite a lot. Depending on how much you pack, 65 liters could be too much space for you. Osprey also makes the Aura in 62 and 68 liters. It would be ideal for the backpacker who knows they like to purchase plenty of gifts for their friends and family at home.

Osprey didn’t skimp on the comfort features. The Aura’s design is meant to mold to a female’s body, giving the perfect fit and maximum comfort. The shoulder straps, hip, and front straps are all padded and adjustable. Their AirSpeed suspension system distributes the weight over the hips instead of your shoulders. No one wants sore shoulders while experiencing Europe for the first time.

Another feature that Osprey is known for is their storage pockets. They never forget to add plenty. There is a removable top pocket and a sleeping bag compartment. The main compartment is spacious, and there are plenty of smaller pockets. There is only one downside to the Aura 65 – it is priced over $200. Some people might find that too pricey for a backpack. Otherwise, it receives excellent reviews.

Calvin Klein Nolita 2.0 28 Inch Upright Suitcase

Calvin Klein Nolita 2.0 28 Inch Upright
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from 2 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Reasons to Purchase the Nolita

  • 100% polyester- durable and easy to clean
  • Very attractive and stylish exterior
  • Dual four wheels for easy mobility
  • Spacious main compartment
  • A few zippered compartments for other items.

When you travel to Europe, a big suitcase is worth the money. They give you more storage than other choices. With Calvin Klein, you expect well-made products and their Nolita is no exception. It is made of 100% polyester, perfect for durability and cleaning. You can wipe polyester clean very easily. Style wise, they used their signature jacquard with a metallic trim. It is an attractive suitcase.

You will find a lot of nice features. First, they used dual, four wheels for effortless mobility. If you are going the wrong way, just switch directions, instead of having to pick it up! In many Europe travel bag reviews, travelers stated they could carry a week’s worth of clothes and shoes in this suitcase with no problem! There is also two zippered front compartment for additional storage. The interior of the bag is lined, and it has a zippered mesh pocket, perfect for dirty clothes or your undergarments.

There are a few negatives to the Nolita. First, they didn’t add a ton of pockets. There is just enough to keep your things slightly organized. However, the biggest design flaw is the lack of carrying handles on the side of the bag. This negative makes it harder to pick the bag up when traveling.

Overall, Nolita by Calvin Klein offers a great value to travelers. It is priced close to $300, which is reasonable for a well-made suitcase. It has plenty of space but lacks in the organization department.

Granite Gear 26 Inch Wheeled Duffle

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars from 9 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Why You Should Purchase It

  • It is a wheeled duffle bag
  • Very versatile – can be worn as a backpack or wheeled
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Shock absorbing wheels
  • Water resistant
  • Large with a lot of storage space

If you love a duffel bag while traveling but don’t think it will work for a trip to Europe, Granite Gear offers you the best of both worlds! It is a large, versatile option for travelers, especially those are interested in backpacking across Europe. Granite Gear is durable and sturdy. No matter where you take this wheeled duffle bag, you won’t feel as if it’ll break. That is why travelers love it so much!

This travel bag is versatile. When you are backpacking to your next destination, you can wear it. It has ventilated, load-absorbing skeletal foam shoulder straps. It also has a load stabilizing chest strap and a waist belt to reduce the stress on your upper body. However, if you decide that you want to wheel it along, Granite Gear added 360 impact-absorbing wheels with corner protection. The handlebar is made of aluminum and has a rubberized grip.

Granite Gear is durable and is made with great materials. It is made with polyester, easy to clean and won’t wear and tear easily. It also is water resistant, with an extreme water-resistant front pocket. The zippers are durable and also water repelling!

No matter what type of adventure you are planning, the Granite Gear Wheeled Duffle bag is fabulous. It brightly colored, rugged and perfect for a lot of situations. However, if you are a small person, the sheer size of this bag may be impractical. It isn’t for a light packer or a minimalist. This bag is for an adventure and someone who is packing like they are never going home again. If that is you, Granite Gear’s Wheeled Duffle Bag is fantastic.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Roxbury 2.0 25 Inches 4 Wheels Upright

ricardo beverly hills roxbury
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars from 18 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Reasons to Purchase the Roxbury

  • Stylish and available in multiple colors
  • Hard shell made of high impact Makrolon polycarbonate
  • Large amount of storage for a long trip
  • Expander feature for more space
  • 360-degree wheels
  • Built in TSA compliant lock
  • Budget-friendly price tag

Ricardo Beverly makes some fantastic suitcases. Their look is unique and stylish; you will likely attract some attention, especially if you pick their bright purple. The Roxbury is hard-sided and lightweight, great for long trips because it will protect all of your items. It weighs around 10 pounds, empty, and is made of high impact Makrolon polycarbonate. This material is durable and reliable, so you don’t need to worry about your clothes getting wet. It will protect everything.

You can fit around two weeks of clothes inside this bag, without the expander feature. This feature is one of the reasons why it is one of the best travel bags for Europe. With the opening of one of their zippers, the bag expands, allowing you to pack even more items. This allows you to pick up more souvenirs or pack other jackets!

There are even more impressive features that travelers will love. It has a dual spinner wheel system for 360-degree mobility. You can pull it wherever you want to go. They added a retractable Add-a-Bag strap so you can attach another bag for transportation. Ricardo Beverly added a built-in, TSA compliant, combination lock that will protect all of your belongings. Also, travelers also enjoy the split book style opening that gives you two separate areas to pack, ideal for organizing your items.

This upright suitcase is truly a bargain. It costs around $150, a great price to pay for a bag that will protect all of your items and last for years to come.

Briggs & Riley Baseline Wheeled Wardrobe

Briggs & Riley @ Baseline Luggage Baseline Wheeled Wardrobe Bag
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars from 12 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Why You Should Buy the Baseline

  • Garment bag that keeps clothes wrinkle free
  • Water resistant
  • Solid and durable material
  • Telescopic handle with four height positions
  • Inline skate wheels for easy mobility
  • Can hold four to six suits or over a week of clothes

You might want to give a garment bag a try, especially if you plan to bring along a suit or two. Garment bags help keep your clothes looking nice and wrinkle free. One thing to know about the Baseline is that it is expensive. There is no way to get around that fact – it costs close to $600. However, Briggs & Riley offers a fantastic warranty, and the quality is top of the line.

For $600, you would expect everything you could desire in a bag. Briggs & Riley delivered something pretty amazing. The outer fabric is ballistic nylon with a honeycomb frame. This material is a durable choice that makes the bag water resistant, ideal for traveling. You don’t want to worry about your things getting wet. It has a telescoping handle with four different heights; no matter how tall you are, there is a comfortable height for you. Also, two inline skate wheels make for excellent mobility. Two front feet provide stability when not in motion.

Naturally, you want a lot of space in a travel bag for a Europe trip! The dimensions are 22 inches x 24 inches x 12 inches. When empty, it weighs over 14 pounds, which can be an issue depending on the airline you fly. Different companies have different rules about the weight of your luggage. If you are bringing suits, you can fit four to six full suits in this bag. That is a lot! However, you can fit over a week of clothes, which is perfect for a Europe trip.

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley (29")
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 439 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Why It is A Great Purchase

  • Budget Friendly
  • Lightweight weighs only 11 pounds
  • Durable polycarbonate material
  • Four double, spinning wheels
  • Also available in soft side version and smaller sizes
  • TSA compliant lock
  • Multiple colors

Our next choice for the best travel bag for Europe has some great features. It is budget-friendly, lightweight, made of durable material, and has four spinning wheels. More than likely, you are going to want to buy this bag as soon as you hear about it! The Delsey Helium Aero is priced less than $150, making it an affordable purchase. Even if that stretches your budget a bit, they crafted the suitcase from highly durable polycarbonate, creating a hard shell. Polycarbonate is the most durable material choice for a bag. You can also purchase this bag in a soft side version, constructed from polyester. Traveling to Europe means your bag will take a few bumps along the way.

For the price, you will be amazed at the features included. The interior is lined with nylon and is spacious enough for seven or more outfits. If you think you need more space, the main compartment can expand. There are two lined packing compartments, perfect for keeping your clothes organized. Delsey included a TSA complaint lock on the hard side bags.

Four double, spinning wheels allows for the best mobility. Instead of pulling the bag, which can be bad for your back, you can also push this bag. Spinning wheels let you change directions and pull over different road types. Delsey also makes this same bag designed to be TSA carry-on compliant. So, if that’s what you want, look for their great carry-on bags. Overall, you get so much with this bag; it’s hard not to want to try it.

Features to Look for in the Best Travel Bags for Europe

Each person is unique. What works for your family and friends doesn’t always work for you. Consider your needs; you know yourself the best. Are you truly a minimalist? Or, do you pack enough clothes for a family of four? Do you love to purchase a ton of souvenirs? Would you honestly use a backpack? Before you make any plans, take some time to ask yourself important questions and write out your thoughts.

  • Size: A crucial aspect of your decision is figuring out how much size you truly need and want. It has to be a size that you can carry, especially if you opt for a backpack. A backpack needs to fit on your back comfortably. Look at how big the travel bag is and how much you could fit inside. It would be better to have a bag that is too big than too small. Always consider souvenirs you pick up along the way when traveling, especially to Europe.
  • Comfort: Whether you are backpacking across Europe or wheeling your luggage through the streets to the hotel, your bag has to be comfortable. The comfort features will differ, but here are some general things to consider.
    • Padding: If you want a backpack or a carry-on style bag, the shoulder straps should be padded. A bag that is improperly padded will cause discomfort and soreness. Padding helps prevent the straps from digging into your shoulders or causing bruises. No one wants to deal with that during their awesome vacation!
    • Supportive Structure: A backpack needs a suspension system. You want a hip belt, padded shoulder straps, and a chest clip. When combined, these items help to distribute the weight of the pack across your entire torso instead of just your shoulders. When your bag weighs 45 pounds, it makes a huge difference.
    • Adjustable Handlebar: If you opt for rolling luggage, you want an adjustable handlebar. Everyone is a different height. An adjustable bar makes it comfortable for everyone to pull. If you are short or tall, having multiple levels is great!
    • Padded Carrying Handles: This feature is similar to the above padding. Instead of the padding that goes over your shoulder, you want carrying handles that have padding as well. If you have to carry your huge bag across the road or over a huge mud puddle in your driveway, a good handle makes a world of a difference. There should be carrying handles on top and the sides.
  • Storage and Organization: When you go to Europe, you will inevitably bring a bunch of items. There should be plenty of pockets, on the exterior and interior, of the travel bag. Zippered pockets are perfect for small accessories. A waterproof pocket is great for soiled clothing or your toiletries. Mesh pockets help you see things you want for easy access. You don’t want a bag that you put everything into one pocket; you would never find anything!
  • Wheels: If you opt for a wheeled bag, you need to take a look at the type of wheels they include. Typically, for airport travel, four wheels are the better option. It allows you to push, instead of pull, the bag around. You can turn on a dime, instead of having to lift the bag to turn or make a huge circle reverse. Two wheels are better for cobblestone streets, which you will find in Europe. Also, four wheels will add a little bit of weight to the bag.

Selecting the Best Travel Bag for Europe

Instead of overwhelming you with choices, these are seven great options. If you want a backpack, there are two options. You will also find a wheeled duffle bag, soft side luggage, and hard side luggage. There is a choice for everyone. Before you make a decision, look at your budget. We included budget friendly options, along with one that is more expensive.

Always think about the features that matter to you. Do you want two or four wheels? Do you want to backpack across Europe with just a few outfits along the way? If you love to shop, a bag with an expandable zipper may make your life just a bit easier. You are about to embark on an incredible journey; you don’t want to worry about the size of your bag!

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